Is Rohrabacher Playing Pak Media Like A Drum?

Mar 31st, 2012 | By | Category: Dawn, Express Tribune, The News

Dana RohrabacherLast week US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher gave another speech about his support for Baloch separatists. As it was almost surely intended to do, Rohrabacher’s speech made headlines. Express Tribune headlined their report, ‘US Congressman calls Pakistan ‘enemy’ of US, freedom’, and The News headline read: ‘Pakistan a radical Islamist government: US Congressman’.

What didn’t make headlines was this line buried in a report by Dawn:

“We are not in the administration. We do not even represent the US Congress,” said the congressman, adding that he could only provide moral support.

Even Dawn‘s report carried the headline, ‘Two US congressmen vow to back Baloch insurgents’, which could easily give the false impression that Rohrabacher is a new ‘Charlie Wilson’ sending arms and training to insurgents, even though Dawn also reported that the Congressman specifically that he has no power to provide anything but ‘moral support’ to Baloch insurgents.

It should also be noted that a Google News search of American media showed that no mainstream media groups covered his speech. It made headlines in Pakistan, but in the US it was completely ignored. If there really was American support for Baloch separatists, wouldn’t this have been headlines there as well?

On the Internet, a ‘troll’ is someone who says sensational and inflammatory things in order to be provoke an emotional response from otherwise rational people. The Congressman Rohrabacher continues to give sensationalist speeches, even though he admits that he does not even represent the US Congress. Is he playing the part of a media ‘troll’? Looking at the facts, it seems that Rohrabacher is getting the last laugh and playing our media like a drum.

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