Is Imran Khan victim of a media vendetta?

May 20th, 2012 | By | Category: Conspiracy Theories, Express Tribune

Writing for Express Tribune‘s ‘Media Watchdog’ blog, Corporate Solicitor Zain Umar claims that the newspaper has a ‘Goebbel’s vendetta’ against Imran Khan. After equating The Express Tribune to the Nazi propaganda minister in the very first sentence, he goes on lambast the newspaper for allegedly “publishing literally anything against Imran Khan” while “not a single write up of his is devoid of barbed shafts aimed at Imran Khan”. This is an increasingly common claim – that Imran Khan and PTI are the victims of media bias. But is this true?

It’s certainly not true for Express Tribune‘s official Blogs where it took no effort to find pieces by multiple authors who support Imran Khan and believe PTI will be a formidable force in the next elections.

News reports in Express Tribune also include positive pieces about PTI, including some that uncritically quote Imran Khan about his party’s own exceptionalism. There are even multimedia shows about PTI.

Even editorials on Imran Khan are balanced, neither supporting nor opposing. It’s hard to consider lines like, “he will have to be taken seriously and his party’s electoral fortunes will most probably be far better than they have been in the past” as a ‘Goebbel’s vendetta’. So why do Zain Umar and many others like him believe that the media is targeting Imran Khan?

According to Imran Khan, the reason is Jews.

For those who do not understand Urdu, please allow me to explain. In this clip, Wajahat S Khan asks Imran Khan whether “the honeymoon is over” between the media and PTI since it seems that he is no longer dominating front pages as he did last year. Imran Khan begins to reply that he is fighting against two governments – the national government and the provincial government, both of which have large advertising budgets. Wajahat clarifies that he’s not talking about advertising, he’s talking about news stories. Imran Khan then replies that the problem is that the ‘Jewish lobby’ controls the global media. Wajahat reacts in disbelief, telling Imran Khan, “Don’t go there…” which shocks the PTI Chairman who doesn’t understand how someone can’t believe that the world’s media – including, apparently, The News (Jang Group), which Wajahat is holding in his hand – is part of a Jewish conspiracy against him.

Like most conspiracy theories, this one, too is made from fantasy and not fact. There may be some Jews who own some media groups in the world (Israel, for example), but there are also many Christians (The New York Times) and Muslims (The News/Jang) as well as people of many other religions as well. The fear that Imran Khan is the victim of a ‘Goebbel’s vendetta’ by the editors of Express Tribune is similarly fictitious, as is clear from the fact that the paper has regularly published pieces that were favourable to PTI and Imran Khan. Mr Umar can relax.

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  1. but it’s no doubt Pakistani print media overwhelmly against imran. because most of the media owners and journalist directly benefits from Punjab and center governments.
    all print media so heavily criticize imran as imran is in power and has looted public tax.

  2. @tariqkun Your claim is not supported by the facts. Print media includes many stories praising Imran Khan and PTI.

  3. Piece attacking Express Tribune for only publishing anti-Imran Khan articles published by Express Tribune? Perfect representation of warped PTI thinking….and proof that Express Tribune is only unbiased newspaper….

  4. So three blogs (one was Asad Umar’s CV), means etribune in not bias.

    Since you claim to base your arguments on “facts”, so please endeavour to pull out all the “OP-EDS” (not blogs) of etribune in favour and against Imran Khan and weigh them.

    Then take out blogs which describe PTIs’ policy and the one which criticise them, then base your arguments on that and write this “supporting blog” again.

    Funnily, you restricted your defence of etribune to blogs and cleverly did not bring “op-eds” in contention.

    Lets see whether you come out with “facts” which I mentioned above or not.

    Rab Rakha

  5. All MEHMOODs are going to takeover the party. The name “Mehmood” is a very
    holly and an honour, so it is very common among Qadianis due to name of Mirza Bashiruddin MEHMOOD,
    the son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed as well as 2nd Khalifa of Qadianis)

    Shah MEHMOOD Qureshi
    Vice Chairman Tehreek e Insaf Pakistan

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    Tehreek e Insaf

    MEHMOOD ur Rasheed
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    Tehreek e Insaf Pakistan

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    PTI, Bahawal pur

    Shahid MEHMOOD
    MPA , PML-N
    Joined Pakistan Tereek e Insaaf

    Zeshan MEHMOOD
    PTI, Chakwal

    Asad MEHMOOD
    PTI, UK

  6. Shazia@: Your remarks about what its followers believe is a religion, are full of prejudice, unadulterated bias and naked bigotry, and unbecoming a Muslim. Leaving aside the “Ahmadi,” the holy Qur’an acknowledges only two people: the holy Prophet (PBUH) and his “household” — this is supported by what we call “darood sharief.”
    However, according to the History of Islam, while the holy Prophet [PBUH] was on his death-bed, a few of his companions decided that for them “God’s book is sufficient,” and they went to a nearby village to “elect” [in reality, to nominate] a “khalifa.”
    Thus, the “spiritual Islam” died with the Prophet (PBUH] and what came to us is “political Islam,” where we all think that we are “Muslims”, but none of us is.
    Regarding Imran Khan: He is so anxious to become the next PM, that he has sold his soul to the devil — the Jamaait — the same people who beat him up. He always talks about Americans [who poured billions of taxpayers’ money into a black hole called Pakistan, since the Quaid requested in 1947, as budget support], but never talks about Taliban who kill every day (without any purpose). Imran Khan is a brainless Massiah, without any vision — and mark my words, if he ever came to power, he will be worst than Ziaul Haq.

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  8. BTW: I am not an Ahmadi [or Marzai].

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