The News’s Sources of Misinformation

Jun 11th, 2012 | By | Category: The News

The News (Jang Group)On Monday morning, The News reported that a breakthrough had been achieved in negotiations between Pakistan and US officials.

According to diplomatic and military sources, a senior United States official — on behalf of US President Barack Obama — will apologise publicly for martyring 26 Pakistani soldiers in the Salala attack.

It has also been secretly agreed that there will be a red line and mechanism for launching drone attacks on terrorist havens in Fata and North Waziristan. Furthermore, the United States will pay a $2,000 tariff to Pakistan for safe passage of Nato containers.

According to sources, there is also a likelihood that compensation will be paid to the heirs of the martyred soldiers on behalf of Washington, and the exact figure of this amount will be agreed within a few days.

Only a few hours after this report was published, however, the US withdrew its negotiators from Pakistan saying talks had failed to produce any agreements. Not only was there no agreement, the negotiators had already begun leaving before The News published its report.

“I believe that some of the team left over the weekend and the remainder of the team will leave shortly,” said the spokesman. “This was a US decision.”

Obviously, no agreement had been reached, secretly or otherwise, when Hanif Khalid filed his report.

How could The News get the story so wrong? Were their diplomatic and military sources uninformed about what was taking place, or were they lying? Either way, this presents a serious credibility problem for The News.

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