Attacks against Najam Sethi turn silly

Jun 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Conspiracy Theories, Geo TV

Najam Sethi on Aapas Ki BaatSomeone is pushing yet another conspiracy theory attacking Najam Sethi, this time accusing him of being a traitor who “should die in shame” because his family owns property in the US. In this latest attack, though, it’s not just the property which raises the blood pressure of Najam Sethi haters, but the price tag – $1.3 million. Where, his accusers ask, did Najam Sethi get this much money?

Actually, $1.3 million is below the average cost for a home in Manhattan. As to where Najam Sethi “got the money”, the answer is pretty obvious – he married it. Mr. Sethi’s wife is none other than Jugnu Mohsin, daughter of Chairman Mitchell’s S.M. Mohsin. Najam Sethi does not need to take some apartment from foreign masters because he can afford to buy his own.

Najam Sethi’s wife is also trustee of Mohsin Trust which runs 26 schools for boys and girls in Okara district teaching over 3,000 children. Neither do Najam Sethi’s accusers mention the value of his estate in Lahore, which is likely worth much more than an apartment in New York not only in economic measurement but in sentimental value also.

It should also be noted that whoever is behind this attack does not question the patriotism of other Pakistani journalists like Shaheen Sehbai or Anjim Niaz who also own property in the US. Neither do they question the patriotism of the almost 50,000 other Pakistanis who own property in New York City – a population that grew by 35 per cent since the past 10 years. Nor should they. It is non sense.

There is no question that there are issues in Pakistan media that need to be addressed to protect the credibility of the profession. Recent events have pulled back the curtain and revealed certain unprofessional behaviour by some journalists in Pakistan. These are real issues that deserve serious attention. Whether or not someone owns an apartment in New York is a meaningless distraction.

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