Ahmad Noorani’s Latest Conspiracies: Haqqani and Habib

Oct 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Jang, The News

The News (Jang Group)Ahmad Noorani (Jang Group) has recently been accused by the blog criticalPPP.com of being a member of banned militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi based on a FIR against the Jang reporter for spreading sectarianism. Naturally, Ahmad Noorani responded to this accusation by posting on Twitter that it is a plot against him by…Husain Haqqani?

How does the brilliant investigator know that the evil Husain Haqqani is pulling the strings behind criticalppp.com? According to Noorani himself it is because “criticalPPP.com was developed & later promoted on daily basis through his Twitter account by Mr Husain Haqqani.” Of course, we have to take Ahmad Noorani’s word on this since he provides no evidence. But there is at least one reason to eye his claim with suspicion: criticalppp.com started out as criticalppp.blogspot.com in June 2008. But Husain Haqqani did not join Twitter until October 2009. Even if Haqqani was Tweeting links from CriticalPPP, does that mean that he was behind the website? According to Ahmad Noorani’s logic, Husain Haqqani is also behind Washington Post, New York Times, Dawn, Express Tribune, Reuters, Associated Press, etc etc etc.

Naturally, Noorani’s logic is just as bad in his article which claims that PPP was the main beneficiary of Younis Habib’s largesse. As political parties suffer the embarrassment of having the Supreme Court find that they worked with Younis Habib and the ISI to rig past elections, isn’t it a bit convenient for a new report to claim that even the PPP, who was the target of the ISI election rigging scheme, has taken illegal money? But let’s give Ahmad Noorani a fair hearing and judge his reporting on its own merits.

In an interview with The News, Younis Habib admitted paying huge amounts to the PPP leaders but said that he had forgotten their names. Younis said that he had all the documentary evidence in this regard, which he said is in currently in Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s possession. He said that if these documents are handed over to him, he could disclose the names of all the recipients of the money. In 1994, Younis Habib gave an interview saying he had given Rs50 million to Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari but he now insists he doesn’t remember having given this interview.

Younis Habib gave huge amounts of money to PPP leaders, but he can’t remember who he gave it to? And he gave all the evidence to a prominent PPP leader for safe keeping? This is a textbook way to start a conspiracy theory. Make a sensational claim, but insist that the evidence is being covered up. If there really is evidence, it will come to light and prove the claim right. If there is no evidence, you simply have to insinuate that there is a cover up and you can never be proven wrong. Either way, the target of your conspiracy theory will suffer.

Of course, this is not Noorani’s only evidence. He also says that Younis Habib paid Farooq Leghari a high price for a plot of land. So now Ahmad Noorani is not only a pretend journalist, he is also a pretend land appraiser. Even so, if paying too much for land is evidence of election rigging, I’m afraid this country is doomed.

The Supreme Court ruled on 19th October, based on actual evidence, that political parties illegally took money from the ISI distributed by Younis Habib to rig the 1990 general elections. If Ahmad Noorani has any evidence that PPP also took money, he should file a petition with the Supreme Court and provide the evidence, not embarrass himself by spreading conspiracy theories. Similarly, if Ahmad Noorani is innocent of plastering the walls of Islamia University of Bahawalpur with posters carrying objectionable slogans against Shia and Sunni Barelvi sects, he should ask that the case registered against him by Bahawalpur’s Civil Lines Police be dismissed instead of making silly accusations on Twitter.

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