Wajahat S. Khan examines the anti-Malala media campaign

Oct 30th, 2012 | By | Category: Conspiracy Theories

Following the attempted murder of young education activist Malala Yousafzai, many news reports in the West heralded what was supposedly a uniting of Pakistani society against the Taliban. While this was going on, however, efforts were being made to break this unity and turn Pakistanis against the young girl by terming her as a pawn in an American conspiracy to attack Pakistan – or worse, an American agent.

Wajahat S. Khan examines how this media campaign against Malala took shape, and the false narratives used to spread confusion and misinformation among the masses.

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  1. I visit this website every now and then. I sometimes agree or disagree with its content. But from what I understand this website attempts to critique media coverage in Pakistan.

    Well this article and post is a disgusting twisting of facts and in itself is a false narrative.

    99.999999% of Pakistan and 99% of both liberal, conservative or Pakistani youth are on Malala’s side and consider her an innocent victim.

    To say that there is a growing ”anti Malala” sentiment is factually incorrect and damaging narrative.

    Wajahat himself gave a false introduction by saying that Pakistan is divided by ”Pro Militant” Conservatives and ”’Secular Liberals”. I am not going to get into this but unless you have been living under a rock you would know the divides in Pakistan are much different.

    As for ”conspiracy theory ” , yes there is a growing narrative of this being an American Conspiracy but that again is a minority and most people already hated the TTP in Pakistan and are further inflamed against it. So the conspiracy narrative does not impact the unity of Pakistan against terrorism.

    Lastly the absolutely disgusting association of Imran/PTI/those who are against Drones as ”Anti Malala” is so false and so twisted its not even funny.

    Any non Pakistani watching this would get a completely wrong understanding of Pakistani people and Pakistan..

    I request Pakistan Media Watch to take this disgusting piece of, its a twisted false post not based on reality and has no factual basis.

  2. According to the news on social websites, the rumor has it that Malala’s father was being funded by the U.S., and Malala was just with Obama. On October 20, 2012, a picture of Malala was released from Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, England, raising many questions. Malala was shot in the forehead and in the recent picture there was no mark, scar, or wound. How can that be possible? Malala underwent major brain surgery. Before the surgery, the neurosurgeon always shaves the head, but the picture showed Malala with hair completely on her head. All of these facts have raised questions and confusion among people worldwide.

  3. In fact the Anti Malala Campaign is not because Malala is “pro US” or ”pro establishment” or anti taliban etc.Had it been for these reasons then Nawaz Shareef or Zardari,Bilawal,would too have been the target as they are more pro US or anti taliba.The main reason is:Malala has stepped into a dignity domain considered to be an exclusive zone for Punjabis.Why should a Pushtun girl be given so much honour and publicity.This is the real unspoken psychological reason for opposing Malala.

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