Gen Kayani: Rumours, Conspiracy Theories Against National Interest

Nov 5th, 2012 | By | Category: Conspiracy Theories

Gen Kayani addresses officers at GHQ

Talking to a group of officers at GHQ on Monday, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani made a statement that media talking heads and so-called ‘investigative reporters’ should take to heart:

While constructive criticism is well understood, conspiracy theories based on rumours which create doubts about the very intent, are unacceptable.

COAS Kayani was speaking specifically of perceived efforts that wittingly or unwittingly draw a wedge between the people and Armed Forces of Pakistan, but taken in context with the rest of his speech, the principle should be applied not just to the military, but to all institutions. Here is what Gen Kayani also said in the same speech:

We all have a great responsibility to shoulder. We should learn from our past, try to build the present and keep our eyes set on a better future. We all agree that strengthening the institutions, ensuring the rule of law and working within the well defined bounds of the constitution is the right way forward. Weakening of the institutions and trying to assume more than one’s due role will set us back.

Rumours, conspiracy theories, and innuendo continue to be far too present in much of the media. Some of these conspiracy walas claim they are doing so in the national interest. Today’s statement by Gen Kayani should be a final nail in the coffin of this excuse.

Like other institutions, media has, in the words of Gen Kayani, “a great responsibility to shoulder”. That responsibility includes reporting unbiased facts, not conspiracy theories, rumours, and planted stories intended to advance one agenda or another. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, these practices weaken the national institutions, and in doing so, the country.

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  1. If the General really believes of the supremacy of Constitution in the country than Army officials should be procecuted under the same constitution and law of the country. every time when democracy try to get strengthen in the countries such bigots come to fore to afrai the nation saying they are going through critical phase of their history. nothing critical is going on in the country except the Army- who had rulled and are ruling and hope to rule in future–by seeing their hegemony turning into ashes. The Generals will never want to hear slogans asking for the perfect and transparent accountability of the Armed forces who are swallowing our resources for their personnel pleasure.

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