The Nation Repeats, Adds To US Secession Misinformation

Nov 16th, 2012 | By | Category: Conspiracy Theories, The Nation

The Nation (Nawa-e-Waqt Group)We noted earlier that The News (Jang Group) had engaged in pointless point scoring by elevating a story about Americans unhappy with the recent election posting on the White House website asking that their states be allowed to secede from the US. The Nation has not only repeated this story, but added some creative misinformation to make it seem like more than it really is.

In an editorial of 14th November titled ‘The Secession Threat‘, The Nation reports that, “secession petitions filed by no less than 20 US states are being touted as some defining comment on the state of American society”. If the “some” are the editors of The Nation, then perhaps the end of that claim is true. But it is not true that any states have filed any secession petitions. As noted in our previous post on this topic, these ‘petitions’ were actually just posts on an open forum where citizens can post anything, not matter how ridiculous. The silliness of the petition ideas posted has even created its own news stories like, ‘Top 10 ridiculous White House petitions‘ and  ‘10 Amazing White House Petitions‘.

More evidence that this ‘threat’ only exists in the wishes of some editors comes from Governor of Texas Rick Perry who is not only a Republican but one who campaigned for president against Obama. Governor Rick Perry has dismissed the secession petitions as nothing but the expression of some frustrated Republicans seeking to embarrass the Democrat president.

As usual, the facts have not stopped some of our more ridiculous commentators from predicting ‘the breakup of the arrogant United States of America’, and propaganda websites are comparing the situation to the breakup of the Soviet Union. One of these websites warns that ‘those who are speculating that the petition to secede…is just an internet viral, that will die way soon may not be acting very realistic’. Fantasies are not reality, however, and in the real world the break up of the United States is about as likely as the US declaring martial law.

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