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Ansar Abbasi has done it again. In order to follow his Ziaist/Jihadist political agenda, Ansar Abbasi in the following clip from Hamid Mir’s show “Capital Talk” from April 4th 2013 clearly identifies how article 62 and 63, which are under a lot of criticism, are “fair”.

In this instance, Ansar Abbasi tries to justify the rejection of Ayaz Amir’s papers for candidacy for National Assembly seat by saying that provision (d) of article 62 clearly says if someone violates Islamic injunctions, he is not eligible. When Hamid Mir and Ayaz Amir (the latter had joined the show via telephone) clarified that column under consideration was an article originally written in English and then was translated to Urdu, Ansar Abbasi jumped to provision (h) of article 62 and said the candidate should not be opposed to the ideology of Pakistan and implied that Ayaz Amir was in violation since he has numerous articles out that do not agree with the “ideology of Pakistan”. It was clear that Ansar Abbasi, as always, had no clue what he was talking about and when he was proven wrong on one thing, he jumped to another point simply to try and win the argument. We are not against Ansar Abbasi holding an opinion but clearly, this was no opinion. This is an ideological agenda which Ansar Abbasi has been pursuing for a while.

We would request someone to please got tell Ansar Abbasi that ideology of Islam (which he mentioned was La-Illaha-Illalah) can not be so easily defined under the constitutional and Pakistani context. As Ayaz Amir explained a day later in his column:

And what is called the ideology of Pakistan, what is it? Nothing more or less than the ideology of Iqbal, the ideology of Jinnah as set forth, when he spoke from his heart without a prepared text, in his Aug 11, 1947 address to the Constituent Assembly. Any other interpretation amounts to undermining and indeed subverting what they stood for

It is also ironic that Ansar Abbasi talks about article 62/63 when in fact his journalism has been under fire for lies and he has twisted facts and history in defense of militants as previously covered by Pakistan media Watch team. Why is it that we were unable to find a single column of Ansar Abbasi asking for stricter implementation of article 62/63 in 2002, during Musharraf referendum? Or is it applicable only to hound the political class of today? Ansar Abbasi’s love for Jihadism has been clear from the very beginning. A couple of such instances are when he defended Mumtaz Qadri or when he termed the killers of women and children as “Islamic warriors” in his columns and then published them for the masses to read. Not to mention, his extremist sympathies are well documented as well.

It is important to mention that we are not against Ansar Abbasi holding an opinion; he has every right to his point of view. Our concern is Ansar Abbasi showing his opinions as facts to the awam and Jang group giving him space for such views. The question now is whether Jang/Geo group is continuing to project these views out of ideological sympathy, or are they using Ansar Abbasi as their Media Taliban in a proxy war against the political class? These are the facts. You decide.

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