Pakistan’s Fearless Investigative Journalist Mian Saifur Rehman

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The News (Jang Group)The recent attack against senior journalist, editor, and Express News anchor Raza Rumi has once again raised the issue of the danger facing journalists who report on sensitive issues. Before Raza Rumi was attacked, investigative journalists including Umar Cheema and Saleem Shahzad have bravely faced many dangers and life threats to tell people the facts. Despite ongoing dangers  facing journalists, Pakistan is home to many more fearless investigative journalists as well.

What other country can boast such a fearless journalist as Ansar Abbasi, who gives no thought to his personal safety when he courageously accuses democratically elected officials of being ‘anti-Islam’ and undermining the ideological foundations of Pakistan. However, while Ansar Abbasi enjoys some notoriety for his fearless reporting, he is not the only face of courage in journalism today. Also deserving of a medal of bravery is Mian Saifur Rehman, Editor Reporting at The News (Jang Group) and classmate of Gen Shuja Pasha in National Security Workshop 2 of National Defence University Islamabad.

Brave hearted Mian Saifur Rehman

Brave hearted Mian Saifur Rehman, fearless journalist of Pakistan

Showing no fear, Mian Saifur Rehman bravely reported that the American and Afghan intelligence agencies are involved in secret missions ‘to malign Pakistan through insinuations and fabrications of sorts and thus try to create a situation that might undermine Pakistan’s real strength i.e its institutions.’ What is Mian Saifur Rehman notes that his report is ‘based on exclusive interaction with well-informed sources’. This is indeed impressive. Considering the threats received from ‘well-informed sources’ by other journalists, Mian Saifur Rehman was very courageous to willingly interact with such elements.

Mian Saifur Rehman stands tall and brave in the face of India also. What courage it took to report that malice is completely alien to Pakistan, and all troubles are only the result of Indian agencies.

Even now the Pakistani people are exempt from the very element of malice, intrinsically. It is not in their psyche to hate the people inhabiting any part of the globe for the sake of it or even for any other reason. It is only the jingoism and atrocious conduct of Indian establishment and their allied mini-establishments that irks them. As for these mini-establishments, many might not be well aware of their presence or actual role but it is an established reality that they do exist with full splendor and power and they happen to be far crueler than their mentors in the core establishment and they comprise those circles whose only raison d’etre is Pakistan-bashing. Unfortunately, some segments of Indian media are also included in it.

It is not just foreign intelligence agencies that are exposed by Mian Saifur Rehman. This brave investigative journalist is also too strong to be intimidated by terrorists. For example, see how bravely he exposes the reality in Balochistan.

[A defence official while talking confidentially] told this scribe that the miscreants in Balochistan are so crafty in their acts as well as in their propaganda methods that they don’t even spare people from the downtrodden classes. By picking up people from the lower strata, the miscreants are not only terrifying the society on the whole but also trying to create false impression that only the personnel of state machinery, especially the agencies, from distant, unsympathetic areas can indulge in such ruthless acts.

The official further revealed that, time and again, evidence has been collected by the state institutions to counter the negative, false propaganda of miscreants so that the people’s faith in their institutions be restored that they are the custodians of citizens and not their tormentors. And, moreover, according to the official, the system of accountability within the defence/security establishment is very effective.

Even popular political figures are no match for Mian Saifur Rehman’s bravery. After Imran Khan suggested that any operation in North Waziristan should follow the Swat model, this brave hearted investigative journalist quickly corrected any concerns that defence agencies would ever make any mistake.

Talking confidentially to The News the sources said it was wrong to assume that in case of any possible operation in N Waziristan, the forces will forego this strategy. In fact, the services’ planners and strategists are, throughout the year, evolving plans and strategies not only for enhancement of military capability and preparedness of the forces but also for ensuring the safety of the citizens in turbulent times, if any.

In no way the forces committed to the people’s defence could contribute towards the people’s insecurity. How then it can be construed that in future operations, the commoners’ safety and security would be ignored? The sources added at this stage: “Both the political leaders and the people should rather expect better strategy now. The armed forces’ strategists in the best interest of the people had done Swat planning. Now these strategists will do their utmost to ensure a better strategy for public safety.”

Some journalists may submit one or two reports on sensitive topics, only to find themselves unable to bear the weight of such danger in the hearts. Not so for the brave hearted Mian Saifur Rehman who regularly submits reports taking the courageous position of praising and defending Pakistan’s agencies and attacking America, India, and Baloch. Clearly he is the fearless journalist of Pakistan and will surely be the next Pakistani to follow Umar Cheema in receiving the International Press Freedom Award from Committee to Protect Journalists for his brave reporting.

For your fearlessness, Mian Saifur Rehman, we salute you.

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