Ghazi Abbasi’s Call For Global Jihad

Jul 15th, 2014 | By | Category: Jang, The News

Ansar-AbbasiLike all of us, Ansar Abbasi is angry at the ongoing attacks against innocent civilians in Gaza. While most people are speaking out and protesting or calling for and end to the violence, Ghazi Abbasi is calling for global jihad against Israel. In his latest piece for Jang/The NewsAbbasi requests all Muslim countries to form a military alliance to attack Israel.

To prevent any misunderstanding, Ghazi Abbasi took to Twitter to clarify exactly what he meant:

More interesting, however, is that Maulana Abbasi quotes Qur’an in an attempt to shame Muslims for not only not taking the next flight to Gaza to fight, but for even having their own countries:

Islam makes us one Ummah and expects from us to help our oppressed brothers and sisters but we have divided ourselves in different nations under UN charter  and cannot think of helping the oppressed ones like Palestinians.”

Is this from an article in The News or an ISIS press release? It is hard to tell.

Maulana Abbasi continues in his tirade and walks very perilously close to treasonous statements against the Constitution:

“We the Pakistanis…have nothing to offer because we are first Pakistanis…and then anything (Muslim etc) else.”

Based on his own words, it is easy to believe that Abbasi is actually calling for the elimination of the state of Pakistan, or at least for Pakistan to be subservient to some other state (or Khalifat?)

It should also be noted that Abbasi once again voices his support for global jihad when he praises the militants in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“As has happened in case of Afghanistan and Iraq, if Muslims living in different parts of the world in their individual capacity come forward to help their oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine they would be dubbed “terrorists” and “extremists”. 

This is nothing new for Abbasi who has since long written praise for jihadi terrorists including Osama bin Laden, even saying that ‘whoever America calls a terrorist I do not call them one’.

The atrocities in Gaza are rightly condemned and it is justified to call for an end to attacks, but Ansar Abbasi is not calling for an end to killing but cynically using the tragedy to recruit for global jihad. There is an important question to be asked which is is why Jang Group is publishing jihadi propaganda during a time when our own Army is fighting to save Pakistan from the same self-appointed jihadis that Abbasi is praising?

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  1. He posted that, so whats wrong in it?
    Whatever he said was absolutely right.
    Whatever he quoted from Quran , is indeed from Quran..

    So whats your purpose of mocking it?

    Shame on you..

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