RAW supplying missiles to Taliban? Not necessarily.

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The News (Jang Group)SA-7

A report in The News of 14th May quotes “highly placed defence sources working with diplomatic assignment” that Indian intelligence is supplying missiles to terrorist Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan aka TTP.

Highly placed defence sources working with diplomatic assignment claimed while talking to The News Wednesday that India is the only country that possesses GTAM-7 currently as its Russian made weapon and no other country of the region is having this type of missile.

This is incorrect. GTAM-7 missile aka SAM-7 aka SA-7 missile is a widely used and manufactured weapon technology with versions built in both Pakistan and Egypt.

The Anza anti-aircraft missiles give Pakistan a response to India’s superiority in modern aircraft — India has a numerical superiority in modern fighter aircraft of more than 3 to 1 over Pakistan. The Anza MK-1, Anza MK-2, and Anza MK-3 surface to air anti-aircraft missiles have ranges of 4, 6 and 15 km, respectively. The missiles are manufactured by the laboratory named after Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program.

The Anza MKI missiles, which have a range of 4.2 km, were manufactured and handed over to the military forces in 1990. It has been reported that the missile was used during the Kargil incidents between Pakistan and India. Pakistan downed two of India’s military planes, a MIG-21 and a MIG-27, with the Anza MKI missiles for violating its airspace on 26 May 1999.

Egyptian technicians have reverse engineered and modified two Soviet SAMs — the Ayn as Saqr (a version of the SA-7) and the Tayir as Sabah (a version of the SA-2). The Ayn as Saqr [Falcon Eye] anti-Aircraft missile system is designed to counter air-ground attack by all types of aircraft flying at low and very low altitudes due to its simplicity of operation, accuracy, light weight, mobility & versatility (either by one man or to be integrated into other overall A/D systems). Also it can be mounted on any combat vehicle, light or armored. Moreover the basic equipment can be fitted with IFF & night vision units.

In 2002, an Israeli passenger airliner was targeted with a SA-7 missile in Kenya and they are widely available and considered a favourite choice of terrorists.

The relatively simple design and low cost of the missile has since led to its wide distribution among guerrilla groups. The cost of an SA-7 can be as low as $5,000.

In the last 15 years, more than 50,000 shoulder-fired missiles have been sold to Third World countries.

SA-7s were reportedly recovered from al Qaeda safe houses in Afghanistan and al Qaeda is believed to have fired missiles at U.S. aircraft in Saudi Arabia and Yemen in the past.

At least 17 terrorist organizations, and 56 countries are believed to possess shoulder-fired SA-7 missiles.


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  1. So you prove that they don’t provide, based only on the statement that GTAM-7s are bought solely by India, which then you go on to disprove in a null-thesis fashion.
    Even though you clearly state, “with VERSIONS built…”

    Pakistan also makes versions of a ton of other technology. That doesn’t take away the notion that indian-provided GTAMs were used by the Taliban, because they could have been the stock versions, provided by Russia. And I think that is exactly what the press release also suggested, but if you have to do cherry picking to suit your own interests, then so be it.

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