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Mubasher Lucman’s Social Media Campaign

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

A few months ago we warned Shahid Masood and Azeem Mian that Mubasher Lucman had entered the race for PTI Media Advisor and taken the contest to a whole new level. It seems that with the government’s troubles and PTI’s rising popularity, Mr lucman has stepped up his campaign using a popular PTI format – social media.

While not a prolific Twitter user, Mubasher Lucman has over the past 24 hours been quite active. The TV host notes that he is “not in politics”, but then also posts the following question about PML-N’s governance of Punjab:

Mubasher Lucman on PML-N

Now, this is a fair question for a journalist – are you satisfied with governance during recent years. But his question takes on a different meaning when read alongside his following Tweets about PML-N’s competitor, PTI:

Mubasher Lucman on Imran Khan

Mubasher Lucman on Imran Khan 2

and in case you had any doubt how Lucman saheb really feels…

Mubasher Lucman really loves Imran Khan

Mubasher Lucman really loves Imran Khan

But Mubasher Lucman does not stop at merely praising Imran Khan, he also makes a prediction about the outcome of the next elections:

Mubasher Lucman on how Imran Khan will win

That’s right. If Imran Khan doesn’t win, it’s because the election was rigged. Why even bother with elections, we wonder? Mubasher Lucman has already decided for us.

But his undying support for Imran Khan is not the only way that Mubasher Lucman is “not in politics”. Here’s his unbiased analysis of the ‘memogate’ case:

Mubasher Lucman on Memogate

All the evidence that it requires to what? Obviously all the evidence that it requires to decide the case, but with his next Tweet, the Dunya TV host makes us wonder whether the Supreme Court is even necessary since Mubasher Lucman has already decided who are “the corrupt few”. It is also telling that Lucman describes the current Supreme Court hearings as a “crusade”, and not an objective inquiry.

Mubasher Lucman is “not in politics” in so far as he has never been elected by anyone to anything. But he has also clearly inserted himself into politics by actively campaigning for his selected favourites and terming anyone he disagrees with (or just doesn’t like) as “corrupt”. That’s what political operatives do. It’s not journalism.

Campaign Against Najam Sethi Gets More Ridiculous

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

What appeared to be a coordinated smear campaign targeting Najam Sethi last week continues, today with Ahmed Quraishi using a clip from Mubashir Luqman’s show of 26th September and continuing to fan the flames. But rather than discredit Najam Sethi, Ahmed Quraishi’s latest move does more to discredit the smear campaign itself.

Here’s what Ahmed Quraishi says about Najam Sethi’s accuser:

Mr. Abraham was considered to be close to the pro-US lobby in the Pakistani government. In DC, Mr. Abraham was close to Ambassador Husain Haqqani and key figures in the US State Department working to cultivate influence inside Pakistani media. He often acted as a mouthpiece for the pro-US lobby, promoting talking points that served US interests and those of the pro-US Pakistani government.

That quote was from a post on Ahmed Quraishi’s website titled, ‘Najam Sethi & Family Demonize Pakistan For US Passports’ – a claim that Cafe Pyala notes may open both Mubashir Luqman and now Ahmed Quraishi to defamation suits since other than the slanderous statements, no one has been able to produce a single piece of evidence suggesting it’s true.

Here’s the problem with Sami Abraham’s statement based on what Ahmed Quraishi says – Sami says that he knows the accusations against Najam Sethi are true because when he was in America he was part of a secret American conspiracy to buy Pakistani media. Now that he’s back in Pakistan, though, he’s apparently turned on his old conspirators and is now accusing Najam Sethi. In order to believe Sami Abraham, one has to be willing to accept the word of a man who says different things depending on who he’s talking to, which is not a great recipe for credibility.

But let’s take a look at some statements by Najam Sethi to see just what Mubashir Luqman and Ahmed Quraishi find so offensive. Here’s a quote from Sethi’s editorial in last week’s The Friday Times:

By next April, the Taliban will be ready for a major operation to decisively derail President Obama’s Afghanistan agenda when the US establishment will be focused on the presidential election. America will be in desperate straits. In order to thwart the Taliban’s summer agenda, therefore, America is most likely going to “do more” in its winter agenda before next summer. Short of American boots-on-ground in Waziristan, only Pakistani boots-on-ground will work. But if the Pakistani army is still unable or unwilling to oblige, then cruise missiles and high altitude bombing could be options.

Should that come to pass, however, the war in Afghanistan will spill over to a war in Pakistan. And that should be the last thing America or its Western allies would want.

We’re supposed to believe that this is demonizing Pakistan? If this is Najam Sethi’s plan to earn a US passport, I hope he doesn’t sell his house too quickly.

Now let’s take a look at the other person who keeps popping up in this smear campaign: Ahmed Quraishi.

It does seem a bit ironic that Ahmed Quraishi would find a problem with anyone who takes money to act as a mouthpiece for a foreign government since that’s what, by his own words, Ahmed Quraishi has built his career on. This is not an accusation, it’s what Quraishi himself is proud to say. According to his bio, “Recently, Mr. Quraishi has been commissioned for public policy outreach projects as a consultant, serving mostly government clients in the larger Middle East region, including Pakistan”.

What governments are these? Well, that’s not completely clear, though he does make quite a big deal about his connection to the rulers of his home country, Kuwait, where he “was born, raised and educated”. Actually, though, Mr Quraishi’s education is not quite clear, either. His longer bio says that “he briefly attended a business school but did not graduate in that discipline”, and says that as he was “not very interested in academia” he got involved in political commentary. Quraishi goes on to brag that he used his Pakistani heritage as a means of avoiding suspicion in Middle Eastern politics.

“He got away with most of it in a region infested with suspicious governments because, well, he was a Pakistani, which literally made it difficult for security officials to place him within Middle East’ confusing maze of political alliances and rivalries.”

Actually, Ahmed Quraishi has been playing something of a girgit (chameleon) for years. When his columns appear in Jang Group publications, his by line says he “works for Geo TV”, though his role at Geo TV is unclear. His short-lived TV show on Aag TV, (Thori Si Siyasat), was canceled over a year ago. But even before Ahmed Quraishi was given a show, he was against Geo TV, saying it, too, was a tool of American interests. It should be noted that Geo TV still has a contract with Voice of America.

What is all the more curious about Ahmed Quraishi’s alleged affiliation with Geo TV is that he himself claimed last year that he is “not a journalist anymore”. His claim to have abandoned journalism came soon after it was discovered that Ahmed Quraishi was a member of the ‘American Association of Political Consultants’.

Profile page for Ahmed Quraishi on website of American Association of Political Consultants

Profile page for Ahmed Quraishi on website of American Association of Political Consultants

Though he claims he has never had one American client, which we are in no place to dispute, it does raise the question why he joined an American political consulting group that costs $250 USD (Rs. 21,855) per year for a single membership if he had no American clients.

Neither was this Ahmed Quraishi’s first dabbling in using media for political propaganda. In 2008, Ahmed Quraishi wrote that America was responsible for riots in Tibet. His by line then claimed that “He heads the Pakistan Task Force at FurmaanRealpolitik, an independent Pakistani think tank based in Islamabad”.

But Furmaan Realpolitik was not really a ‘think tank’, it was a PR business whose services included “Intelligence, Research & Analysis” and “Surveillance & Confidential Investigations”, and whose products “can be tailored to business, political and military requirements”. And what exactly were their products? According to their website, they sold, “Immaculate Deception Creations Tailored to Your Senses.” Subtle.

More recently, Ahmed Quraishi claims that he is a “Senior Research Fellow” with “Project for Pakistan in 21st Century and PakNationalists, which he recently claimed is a nationalist political lobbying group complete with volunteers and interns, but no known source of funding. He’s also on the Board of Advisors for PKKH, an “alternative policy institute and news service” associated with Hamid Gul, and, as well as assorted fake news sites like Views Times that published a column attacking Najam Sethi last week.

Though it’s not known who is funding Ahmed Quraishi’s current crop of “think tanks”, he seems to have Najam Sethi firmly in his sights, not only claiming that he is ‘demonizing Pakistan’ in order to get a US passport, but taking his accusations even further on his Facebook page and claiming that “Najam Sethi & Co. are claiming their share of the $40 MILLION that US govt has set aside to buy Pakistani media”. As usual, Ahmed Quraishi provides no evidence of this shocking claim, leaving us to wonder again if he is prepared to face a very expensive defamation lawsuit indeed.

Who’s afraid of Najam Sethi?

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Spats between politicians are a regular occurrence – Altaf and Nawaz’s verbal back and forths are the stuff of legend. This can be somewhat expected between politicians as they are competing for votes and attention from many of the same constituencies. Though journalists are also competitive, this is usually carried out on the merits of reporting and commentary and not in petty insults and accusations. Usually, though not always. In the past week, actually, we have seen a growing number of attacks aimed at one particular journalist, Najam Sethi. But rather than being part of a personal feud, it appears that these attacks may be part of a coordinated campaign.

On Monday, Mubashir Luqman discussed the supposed American threat of attack on his show Khari Baat. At the end of the programme, though, surrounded by his invited guests Maleeha Lodhi and Hamid Gul, Luqman lashes out at Najam Sethi (forward to 8:51).

This seemed to be a strange turn for the conversation to take, but what was even more strange was when Luqman went out of his way to attack Najam Sethi on PTV’s Morning Show.

As you can see, Noor becomes visibly uncomfortable with Luqman’s unprompted attack on Najam Sethi. Some might think that Luqman’s strange behaviour was the result of a personal feud between the two men, but then our attention was pointed to another article attacking Mr Sethi which appeared on a website ‘Views Times‘.

Like Mubashir Luqman’s attacks, the article accuses Mr Sethi as a tool of American policy. Only, this piece goes even further and makes the bizarre claim that Najam Sethi is advising the American government.

The Americans were left with no choice–they halted the 800 million in aid to the Pakistani military. They were banking on the advice given to them by Mr. Njam Sethi and gang.

Though he is an internationally renowned and award-winning journalist, it’s rather far fetched to claim the American government was taking policy dictation from Najam Sethi.

In stark contrast to Najam Sethi’s career, his attackers are mostly non-entities from an exposed propaganda ring. The website, Views Times is one of several fake news sites associated with propagandists like Ahmed Quraishi and Major Raja Mujtaba.

Actually, a Google search for a random line in the piece on Views Times found 49 results – all fake news sites like ‘Times of Bombay’ and ‘Times of Kabul’ and ‘Karachi Telegraph’. Oh, and the incredibly well funded PKKH, a project of Ahmed Quraishi, Shireen Mazari, and Hamid Gul.

Like too many of our fellow journalists, Najam Sethi has already suffered for giving voice to views that were unpopular in some quarters. He was ‘preventatively detained’ by Gen Zia, and later imprisoned by the government of Nawaz Sharif for exposing corruption. Of course he was accused then with the all-too-familiar charge of ‘treason’.

For his unwillingness to cower in the face of intimidation, Najam Sethi has received the Journalism Under Threat award from Amnesty International and the International Press Freedom award from Committee to Protect Journalists.

Whoever is behind this campaign to attack Najam Sethi, the question that must be asked is whether Pakistan’s media is truly ‘free’ so long as journalists are smeared, threatened, or worse when they report views that some do not like.

Conspiracy Theories Luqman Kay Saath

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Mubashir Luqman continues his incessant projecting of conspiracy theories, most recently following the death of Burhanuddin Rabbani in a suicide bomb attack earlier this week.

As the programme opens, Luqman begins with the story of Rabbani’s assassination. And continuing his quest to be PTI media advisor, who else does Luqman turn to for analysis but PTI Foreign Affairs Advisor Shireen Mazari. Unfortunately, Shireen Mazari once again proves that she has nothing to offer but vague accusations against the involvement of unnamed ‘foreigners’, but she can’t really say who it was or what should be done. The implication was obvious, however, that this was another conspiracy by the Americans, even though American Secretary Hillary Clinton stated that US will continue peace outreach to the Taliban even after Rabbani’s assassination.

But that wasn’t the only allegation of ‘foreign hands’ to appear on Conspiracy Theories Luqman Kay Saath. Next up was the violence in Balochistan, which Luqman again claims is the due to the involvement of foreign elements. This time, though, Luqman leaves little question of who these ‘foreign elements’ are when he drags out the rotting carcass of the Visa Conspiracy to flog it’s crumbling limbs yet again.

When his guest notes that there is already an inquiry into this, Luqman responds in true form, “Who needs inquiry? I telling you he issued visas!” and asks the guests to agree that the Ambassador to America is an agent. When another guest reminds that the Embassy in Washington has opened all the books for review and showed that there were no discrepancies or inconsistencies, Luqman changes the topic.

Once again, Mubashir Luqman does not act in the role of a neutral moderator facilitating a discussion between varying points of view. Rather, he comes to the programme with a specific agenda to promote, and bullies his own guests by telling them inquiries and facts are not important because Mubashir Luqman has already decided!

This attitude would be bad enough if Mubashir Luqman was insisting that his guests and viewers accept his opinion based on facts and evidence. But instead Luqman fails to deliver even the slightest bit of proofs for his claims. Rather he resorts to blaming invisible foreign bogeys and discredited conspiracy theories. The result is viewers of Conspiracy Theories Luqman Kay Saath listen to talk about serious issues like peace process in Afghanistan and sectarian killing in Balochistan, but after one hour they are more confused and misinformed than before. That’s not journalism.

و’کھری بات مبشر لقمان کے ساتھ’

Monday, September 19th, 2011

مبشر لقمان اپنے پروگرام کھری بات لقمان کے ساتھ میں امریکہ میں ھونے والے ستمبر 11 ,2001 کے سانحے کو ایک محض فریب اور دھوکہ کہتے ھیں۔ ان کے پروگرام کی ایک کلپ نیچے ملاحضہ فرمائیے۔

یہ پھلی بار نہیں ھے کہ مبشر لقمان اپنے پروگرام کی ریٹنگ بڑھانے کے لئیے من گھڑت کہانیاں بنانے لگتے ھیں۔ پاکستان میڈیا واچ پہلے بھی کئی بار انکے پول کھول چکا ھے۔

مبشر لقمان نے اپنے پروگرام میں کانسپیرسی تھیوری پیش کی جو کہ کئ با ڈی بنک یعنی غلط ثابت ھو چکی ھے۔ انھوں نے اپنے شو میں یہ بات دائر کرانے کی کوشش کی کہ ستمبر کا یہ واقع امریک کی جانب سے ایک ڈھونگ اور تماشہ تھا اور دراصل امریکہ نے ورلڈ ٹریڈ سینٹر کی بلڈنگ کو سیلف ڈیٹونیٹ یعنی خود کردہ دھماکہ کر کے تباہ کیا ھے۔

مبشر لقمان نے اپنے پروگرام میں یہ بھی فرمایا کہ امریکہ کی سٹیٹ پینسلوینیا میں اسی تاریخ کو گرنے والے جہاز کو امریکی حکام نے خود مار گرایا۔ انھوں نے پھر بلڈنگ سیون کے بارے میں چند باتیں کریں۔

پاکستان میڈیا واچ ٹیم نے مبشر لقمان کے سب سوالات سننے کے بعد تمام باتیں اپنے قارین کو بتانا ضروری سمجھی ھیں۔

مبشر لقمان کہتے ھیں کی اتنی بڑی بلڈنگ اس طرز سے نھیں گر سکتی۔

بالکل غلط۔ ماضی میں کبھی اس طرح ایک جہاز بلڈنگ سے نھیں ٹکرایا اس لئے یہ کہنا بالکل غلط ھے۔اس طرز کا ٹیوب ان ٹیوب ڈیزاین منفرد ھے اور باقی طرح کی بلڈنگ سے الگ ھے۔

سپین کی بلڈنگ میں آگ مسلسل لگی زھی لیکن وہ نھیں گری۔ورلڈ ٹریڈ سینٹر کیسے گر گیا۔

سپین کی دو بلڈنگز میں آگ لگی رھی تھی اور وہ دونوں نھیں گریں کیونکہ ان کا ٹیوب ان ٹیوب ڈیزائن نھیں تھا۔ ان کے ستون یعنی پلر  لوھے اور کانکریٹ کے تھے جبکہ ورلڈ ٹریڈ سینٹر کے ستون کانکریٹ میں لپٹے ھوئے نہیں تھے۔میڈرڈ سپین بلڈنگ کے وہ تمام ستون جن کے گرد کانکریٹ نھیں تھی اسی طرح ٹوٹے جیسے کے ورلڈ ٹاورز۔

ہوائی جہاز کے ٹکرانے سے اتنی بڑی عمارت کیسے گر سکتی ھے

نیشنل انسٹئٹیوٹ آف سٹینڈرڈ اینڈ ٹیکنالوجینے اپنی رپورٹ میں یہ نھیں کہا کہ عمارتیں جہاز کی ٹکر سے گری ھیں بلکہ یہ بتایا کہ مسلسل آگ نے بلڈنگز کی بنیادیں کمزور کر دی تھیں۔(NIST)

بلڈنگ سیون کو کوئی نقصان نھیں پہنچا تھا اور اسے خود تباہ کیا گیا۔

نیچے دی گئی تصویر ملاحضہ کیجیئے۔اور پھر غور کیجیے۔

ایک وڈیو کلپ بھی ملاحضہ کیجئے جو کہ بلڈنگ سیون کا جائزہ لے رھی ھے۔

عمارت سے دھماکوں کی آوازیں آئیں جسے ثابت ھوتا ھے کہ عمارتیں خود کردہ دھماکے سے گریں۔

کانکریٹ فلورنگ لوھے اور فرنیچر کے ٹوٹنے اور بڑے بڑے لوھے کے ستون پریشر پڑنے کے باعث چٹخنے سے اونچی آواز دھماکے کے مترادف ھو سکتی ھے۔

اس کے علاوہ بھی مبشر لقمان نے کئ ایسی باتیں کی جس نے ھمیں ان کی قابلیت پر شق کرنے کا موقع دیا۔

میڈیا اینکرز کا اصل مقصد اپنے پروگرام میں قابل اور مہارت رکھنے والے اینیلسٹ کو بلا کے ان کی رائے لینا ھوتا ھے کامیڈی فراھم کرنا نہیں۔ مبشر لقمان کا پروگرام دن بدن غیک معیاری اور ان پروفیشنل ھوتا جا رھا ھے۔ اگر انھوں نے اس طرح کے پروگرام کا سلسلہ جاری رکھا تو لوگ انکا یہ شو سیاسی اور معاشی تبصرے کو جاننے کے لئے کم اور لطف اندوز ھونے کے لیئے زیادہ دیکھیں گے۔

Mubashir Lucman Enters Competition For PTI Media Advisor

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Watch out Shahid Masood and Azeem Mian, Mubashir Luqman is up in the running for PTI Media Advisor. Last night, Dunya TV anchor Mubashir Luqman took the contest to a whole new level. Here is a part of the clip that was aired:

Pairing up with Hassan Nisar, Mr. Luqman starts off his program by giving wrong statistics once again saying that more people in Karachi have died in the last three years than civil war in Bosnia or in the 1971 and 1965 India-Pakistan wars. Although the conditions in Karachi are extremely tragic and the violence is at its peak, the number of deaths in Karachi in the last three years is not more than the casualties of Bosnian civil war.

According to the ICRC data, 200,000 people were killed, 12,000 of them children, up to 50,000 women were raped, and 2.2 million were forced to flee their homes.

The situation in Karachi is terrible, but comparing to Bosnia is simply playing with the audiences’ emotions.

Same goes for comparing the violence in Karachi to the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pakistani wars.

In 1965 war Pakistan faced almost 3,900 casualties. According to different estimates in 1971 war Pakistan faced around 9,000 casualties.

By contrast, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan claims that 267 people were killed in 2008, 291 in 2009, and the number rose to 748 in 2010. Pakistan Media Watch unquestioningly condemns the violence in Karachi, and we also condemn giving false numbers and statistics. The numbers of deaths from target killings in Karachi are terrible enough. They should not be exploited for political purposes.

To discuss the situation of Karachi, Luqman invited Hassan Nisar and Imran Khan. Imran Khan was adamant he could solve the problems of Karachi by him bringing his own police officers starting from S.P/D.S.Ps to constables. Despite this being a most extraordinary suggestion, Mubashir Luqman did not question how Imran Khan planned on doing so. Rather he acted as if this was a perfectly normal suggestion.

Imran Khan took the opportunity of Luqman’s programme to make political speeches against the government during which Mubashir Luqman and Hassan Nisar continuously nodded their heads in agreement. Hassan Nisar mentioned how he had a discussion with Imran Khan at his house and says the entire awam is behind him. Mubashir Luqman then congratulated Imran Khan for a successful dharna and wishes that media should have covered it more.

Mubashir Luqman then made his move, telling Imran Khan that if he takes a stand against the current politicians and gives a deadline or a notice to them, Mubashir Luqman himself and Hassan Nisar will be in the front line helping him out. Imran Khan smiles and says ‘I thought I was inquilabi but you two have even surpassed me’. Mubashir Luqman then offers to take justice in his own hands and says “baba hum khood police ban sakty hain” and that everyone including the PTI should take it to the streets in Karachi and carry out justice on the street if the government cant provide peace and security to the people – a shockingly unprofessional and inappropriate statement that borders incitement of greater violence.

Ironically, this is the same Mubashir Luqman who during the floods last year reported that PTI was all a drama and show, and that their supposed relief camps were nothing but empty tents with PTI flags on them to fool people about their aid work.

Of course, this was before recent polls were published suggesting that Imran Khan’s popularity is rising and the competition for PTI Media Advisor had begun.

TV viewers look to news programmes for unbiased and transparent reporting on the issues. When the issues are as serious and complex as the security situation of Karachi, this becomes even more important. Unfortunately, viewers who tuned into Khari Baat Luqman Kay Saath were provided not only misinformed statistics, but the embarrassing display of another TV anchor so openly behaving as a politician’s chamcha.

پھر وھی بات ” مبشر لقمان کے ساتھ “

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

مبشر لقمان صاحب کے کل رات کے پروگرام کو دیکھنے کے باد اس بات کا انداذہ ھوتا ھے کہ شاید لقمان صاحب پروگرام سے پھلے اپنا ھوم ورک کرنا بھول گئے۔  لقمان صاحب نے پھر وھی سات ھزار ویزاز والا سوال کیا جس کا جواب کئ بار دیا جا چکا ھے۔ اس کے الاوہ لقمان صاحب کی بات چیت سے کچھ یوں لگ رھا تھا جیسے وہ کسی وجھ کے تحت جان بوجھ کر پرانی خبروں پر چٹ پٹا مصالحہ لگا کر حاظرین کو پیش کر رھے ھیں۔

سب سے پھلے تو اس بات کی وضاحت کر دی جائے کہ نجم سیٹھی صاحب نے اپنے پروگرام “آپس کی بات“ میں امریکی ویزاز کے حوالے سے تمام سوالات کا بخوبی جواب دیا تھا اور سب تحفظات کو دور کر دیا تھا- اسی پروگرام کی ایک کلپ ملاحظہ فرمایں


دوم، پاکستان میڈیا واچ نے بھی اسی اشو کے حوالے سے ایک طویل مضمون چھاپا تھا جس میں باقاعدہ اعدادوشمار پیش کیے گئے۔اور اس بات کی کافی گھری وضاحت کی گئ کے کوئ بھی ویزا اسلام آباد سے اجازت کے بغیر نھیں دیا گیا۔واشنگٹن ڈی سی میں موجود پاکستانی ایمبسی کے فراھم کردہ حقائق ان تمام غلط فھمیوں کو بہت پھلے ھی دور کر چکے ھیں جن کا تذکرہ لقمان صاحب کر رھے ھیں۔ اسی پریس کانفرنس کی ایک کلپ ایک بار پھر ملاحظہ فرمایں


پروگرام کے آخر میں مبشر لقمان صاحب امریکہ میں موجود پاکستانی سفیر حسین حقانی پر یہ بھی بلا ثبوت الزام لگاتے ھیں کہ وہ مستقل طور پر امریکہ میں رھائش پزیر ھیں اور پاکستان کے “دشمن“ملک یعنی امریکہ کا ساتھ دے رھے ھیں۔ شاید لقمان صاحب کو دوشت اور دشمن میں اب بھی فرق نظر نھیں آتا۔

دراصل اگر بات کی تہ تک جایا جاے تو اس بات کا پتا چلتا ھے کے دنیا ٹی وی کی ایک اور مشھور اینکر مھر بخاری بھی اسی طرح کی غلط فھمیوں کو سنسنی خیز خبروں کا زوپ دے کر اپنے پروگرام کی ریٹنگز بڑھاتی ھیں۔ ضیا احمد صاحب اپنے ایک مضمون میں میں یھان تک لکھتے ھیں کے پنجاب گورنر سلمان تاثیر کا خون ان صاحبہ کے سر پر ھے۔ مھر بخاری جن کو اپنی اسی رپورٹنگ کی وجہ سے سمئا ٹی وی سے فارغ کر دیا گیا تھا آج دنیا ٹی وی پر اوربھی بھاری تنخواہ وصول کر رھی ھیں۔

اگر ان تمام باتوں پر غور کیا جائے تو ھمیں دنیا ٹی وی کی رپورٹنگ میں ایک کافی بڑا نقص نظر آتا ھے اور وہ یے ھے کہ دنیا ٹی وی چینل صرف اپنی ریٹنگز کی خاطر عوام کے جزبات سے کھیل رھا ھے اور بلا ثبوت لوگوں پر الزام تراشی میں مصروف ھے۔

Talat Hussain makes a $640 Million Mistake

Friday, October 30th, 2009

If anyone needs evidence that Pakistan’s most popular TV anchors just reel off nonsense without checking facts, please watch the interview given by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to a group of Pakistani anchors.

Talat Hussain of Aaj TV, who often speaks as if he knows everything, wanted to embarrass Hillary by “proving” that the U.S, does not give Pakistan enough. In his recent shows he has been mouthing off against the “insulting language” in the Kerry-Lugar-Berman aid bill, which triples non-military assistance to Pakistan to $ 1.5 billion per year for five years.

Talat claimed that the U.S. was paying Kyrgyzstan $ 700 million as rent for a military base in that country. Hillary corrected the arrogant and self-righteous Aaj TV anchor and said the rent was not that high but was in the range of $ 50 million. Not one to ever digest facts, especially those that prove him wrong, Talat Hussain continued on to say that must be the rent “per month.” The US Secretary of State remained polite and left the Kyrgyzstan base rent figure unresolved.

None of the other “famous and popular” anchors, including Moeed Pirzada, Nasim Zehra, Naveen Naqvi, Mubashir Luqman and others, knew the figure themselves to be able to step in and correct their colleague.

So, what does a simple google search reveal to be the fact?

The US agreed in June 2009 to triple the rent of its base in Manas, Kyrgyzstan to $ 60 million, up from $ 17 million, PER YEAR.

The US also agreed to pay an additional $ 37 million to Kyrgyzstan to build new aircraft parking slots and storage areas, plus another $30 million for new navigation systems. That adds up to a grand total of $ 127 million in the first year and a recurrent payment per year of still $ 60 million only!

Here’s the link to a CBS news story one of many stories on the subject available on the internet, beyond the crazy right-wing dominated Pakistani blogs.

Where did Talat Hussain of Aaj get his figure of $ 700 million per year? Nobody knows. Maybe from his friends Shireen Mazari or Ahmed Quraishi—all purveyors of anti-US opinions with little regard for facts.